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Organic Beauty

We’ve collected all our knowledge to deliver you the best
organic, cosmetology brands in the world.


On-Time Delivery

Across The United States
& Canada


100% Medical Grade Devices

Eat local, consume local,
closer to nature.


100% All Natural Teeth Whitening Products

Made with passion by 300+
curators across.


1 Year Warranty on Devices

Eat local, consume local,
closer to nature.

Business Starter Kits

Get everything you need to start a successful teeth whitening business!
Profession Use Only Whitening Equipment

Whether you're taking your business on the road or setting up an office we've got the equipment you need.

At Home Charcoal Whitening Products

Whitening products that are natural and safe for your clients to use from the comfort of their homes.

Professional Use Only Whitening Gels

From dental office strength to natural charcoal, we've got you covered.